Couple's Wedding Ring Sets

Couple's Wedding Ring Sets

When it comes to choosing your wedding ring we believe the most important thing is that you love it, after all you're the one that will be looking at it every day.

In our opinion there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing couple's wedding ring sets but we do have a few ideas to help make the choice that's right for you.

Matching Wedding Rings

By opting for matching wedding bands, the same metal, shape and width you could look at is as starting your married journey on the same level as each other, as equals.   

Same Style, Different Width

Love the idea of matching wedding rings but can't find a width that works for the both of you? Opting for the same style but different widths could be the perfect solution. This looks great if there is a bit of variation between the two widths but in saying that, there's no rules here, so you do you!

Same Metal, Different Shape

Another great option for linking your rings is to choose the same metal while selecting your preferred ring shape. You can also mix up by choosing different widths that work for your hand. 

Something Completely Different

Your wedding rings are a symbol of two unique people celebrating their love for one another. If different styles spark joy for each of you then why not embrace it and opt for unique contrasting wedding bands. You can always bring your rings together by having matching inside engraving on rings 3mm or wider.  

Any regrets?

The beautiful thing about Good Gold is that you can return your ring at any time. If you wished you had made a different decision just get in touch!

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Photography credit:
Cover Photo: Mel Badsey - see more of this elopement shoot here.
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Same Style, Different Width: Sophie Milson Photography⁠
Same Metal, Different Shape:  Ellen Mary Photo