We started this business to show there are ways to produce wedding rings that don’t wreck the earth.

Good Gold was started by Siggy and Ash Hilton, a brother and sister team. Their goal of creating the world's most ethical wedding bands has seen them make over 10,000 wedding rings since starting under the name Ash Hilton Jewellery. 

The jewellery industry is known for being environmentally destructive; Good Gold knows there is a better way. The alluvial New Zealand gold they use to make their rings is extracted in a much more gentle way. Water is the main chemical involved which keeps the environmental impact low and respectful of the earth's finite resources.

Good Gold believes in creating simple rings that emphasise the natural beauty of the gold. Working beside the ocean in Nelson, Good Gold studio jewellers take their time making sure the feel of each ring is just right, passing them back and forth to make sure the inside curve is perfect and the finish is smooth and comfortable. These details really matter when you're making a ring that someone will wear every day.

Good Gold is a collective of jewellers in Nelson, New Zealand who share a commitment to making the world's most ethical wedding bands.