We're a small team with a big heart. 

This is Siggy.

This is Siggy. What can can I say about Siggy? She's the maker of order and organisation and is the only one of us that really understands how math works. She's an incredible jeweller and makes sure our workshop runs smoothly, hilariously and with just the right amount of precision.

With Siggy around, we know that all the metal will be here when we need it to and that the rings will be ready to ship way ahead of schedule. She trains all the new-comers, makes sure the workshop is safe and healthy and is just an all-around complete badass.

This is Laurel.

This is me, I'm Laurel. I can never bring myself to write about myself in the third person, so hello! It's me. I guess you could say I'm the voice of Good Gold, the connection between the workshop zone and the rest of the world. I figure out the best way to tell our story and do my best to make sure all of us interact with all of you in a way that's awesome, kind and clear. 

Other than that, I'm in charge of the big picture plans as the other two Hiltons are great at details. I started my first business when I was 7, selling Garbage Pail Kids cards and rocks spray painted gold to my classmates after lunch, so I guess I've kind always been a entrepreneur. Mostly, I like to find other people doing cool things and hitch my wagon to their rising star.

This is Ash.

Well, none of us would be here in this workshop without Ash. When he was around 25, he realised it was probably best if he found a job where he didn't have to work in a kitchen, didn't have to talk to "the public" very often and could listen to National Radio for several hours a day. He's also incredibly skilled at making things, especially small, fiddly, precious things so it's pretty great he found jewellery-making as it really works for him on all those levels.

He's also the most incredibly generous person in the whole-wide world, so he's made sure that every scrap of opportunity he's made for himself he's been able to open up and share with the people he loves. He plays the guitar, makes excellent guacamole, reads to our kids (with voices!) every single night and is most happy with the wind on his face. 

This is Tamsin.

Well. Tamsin is the best. Like, the best best. She's super smart, super friendly, incredible at helping people buy their wedding rings online and just makes us all have a happier time at work. 

Seriously, you should think of a question to ask, because she just that much fun to chat with about your order. Her brain is young and fresh and so she remembers all the little details and reminds the rest of us to do the things we're supposed to do. Tamsin for president!

This is Shannon.

I mean. You can just tell by this photo how so incredibly fantastic it is to have Shannon around. She makes each ring with love and care and diligence and over all good energy. Which I think will transfer right from your wedding ring and into your marriage.

She has the best laugh, super dance moves, incredible hospitality and super kind words of advice. We love Shannon!