Our Packaging

Our ring boxes tell a story


We love a good packaging moment, but hate things that just get thrown away. Learn all about the little ways our award-winning ring boxes are well-considered. 
Pink and gold ring box. Shaped like a little book.

We love a good unboxing moment here at Good Gold, but we hate the unnecessary waste that sometimes accompanies those moments. So, we worked extra hard to figure out how to give our couples a super beautiful, thoughtful box that wouldn't end up being thrown away.

We started with function and made a list of all the things we wanted our box to accomplish. We knew we wanted it to protect the rings in transport without needing extra bubble wrap or padding. It needed to be able to safely hold either one or two rings. We also wanted to send a jewellery care kit along with each order and for the box itself serve a purpose beyond just protecting the rings during shipping.

Ash, our chief jeweller, had the great idea to make the box the same shape and size as a small book. This would allow it to be really sturdy to protect the rings during shipping, give enough room to layer the rings and the care kit inside and then it could be stored on a bookshelf after the wedding so that you always knew where to find your care kit if you needed to polish your ring.

We knew we wanted to work with Mat Bogus of Think Packaging for the structural design of the box. There's something super energisizing about working with someone so clearly passionate about what they do. Jarred Bishop of Output Studio did all the design work, adding clever details like our logo on the spine of the book similar to a publisher's mark.

It was also really important for us to use the most environmentally-friendly materials we could think of. Mat recommended Extract Paper, which is made of recycled single-use coffee cups! We think this is sooooo, so cool. It's absolutely beautiful and we are inspired by the clever thinking of the GF Smith company that have worked to come up with a special process to extract the paper from the polythene used to line the takeaway cups so that both the paper and the plastic can be reused.



As well as our beautiful bespoke pink ring boxes we also offer a Minimal Linen Ring Box and a handmade Wooden Ring Box crafted by our friends at Give Packaging.

We've worked with Give Packaging for years as we love that they mirror our ethics and that each ring box is handmade in New Zealand.  

"GIVE boxes are made from a solid piece of beautiful timber, sourced from sustainable forests and managed to ensure the balance and biodiversity of the surrounding area is maintained.”

We LOVE them!