Our Story

We're Siggy, Laurel and Ash Hilton. We started this business with the goal of making the world's most ethical wedding ring. 

Siggy and Ash are brother and sister. Laurel and Ash are married. Siggy and Laurel are BFF's. We're a true family business. We've been working together for almost 20 years over at Ash Hilton Jewellery where we've made more 10,000 wedding rings for lovely people all over the world. We wanted to take everything we learned from each of those rings and distill it down to it's most simple, elegant and ethical form. This is how we came up with Good Gold.

We started with a challenge: to make the world's most ethical wedding ring. To do this, we knew that we had to push ourselves beyond just focusing on ethical metal and recycled mailers, we had to weave it in to every aspect of our business. We broke our business down to three main categories of sustainability- The people we work and communicate with, the physical world and products we use and making our business personally sustainable by keeping it interesting, fulfilling and really fun.

1) The people. We want to give great jobs to people in our community. We're certified living wage employers, give great benefits, encourage honest communication and feedback, involve everyone in our decision making and give clear and transparent paths for professional growth within our company.

We all have a background in hospitality and and consider good service an art and an honour. We want your time interacting with Good Gold to be fun, clear, easy and completely hassle-free.

2) The Physical world. You can read all about our commitment to ethical materials, office and workshop practices here. We also think it's super important for our workshop to be an inspiring, comfortable and happy place to be, check it out here. 

3) Personally Sustainable. The three of us knew that if we were going to continue in the jewellery business, we had to make Good Gold both challenging and fun. None of us were comfortable being driven by money alone, so we had to do a bit of soul-searching to figure out if this was really the best step for us.

We started to see Good Gold as an opportunity to not just prove that good ethics is a great business model, but to also grow in a way to make enough money to give back in a really significant way. We've all done our time volunteering, serving on boards and committees, which has added so much to our lives. But, what we're best at is making jewellery. We want to do it in a way that helps other people, either by giving them a great job or by making enough profit to donate in big ways. You can read more about our partnership with the Toolbox Initiative here.

We are committed to doing everything we can to smash the patriarchy, dismantle white supremacy, decolonise ourselves, end ableism and stand by our rainbow community. We are constantly reflecting on our visual and written communication to support this commitment. We give all of our staff paid time to educate themselves on these issues. We are far from perfect, we welcome the challenge to do better, so please reach out if you see us acting in a harmful way.