Ideas for an Isolation Wedding Postponement Mini-Celebration

Ideas for an Isolation Wedding Postponement Mini-Celebration
Our hearts are broken for couples that have to postpone their wedding dates. We thought we'd put a few ideas out there to honour the original date.
Couple all alone on wedding day
A little love, just us two.

I remember the first time I saw photos from John and Yoko's bed-in. Raised by hippies, this seemed like the most romantic thing ever. I think this would be a super sweet ritual on your original wedding date. Fresh sheets, cozy (or saucy) pajamas, delicious food, drinks in fancy glasses, lots of candles. 

Stay in bed all day. Do a boudoir photoshoot. One of my most favourite memories from when Ash and I got married was laying in bed and writing our wedding vows together. Read each other poems. Binge watch the movies that brought you together (for us, Say Anything pretty much sealed our deal). Play each other your favourite songs.

Fancy Ass Picnic

Get super duper dressed up and break out your best plates and have a fancy ass picnic in your back yard! Take your rug outside and make delicious cocktails. Take your time setting up beautiful photos of each other.

Ask each other the 36 questions to fall in love from the infamous New York Times article. Eat delicious desserts. Bring out more and more blankets and pillows as it gets darker and colder. Maybe even sleep outside! You can definitely make out outside, that's super fun.


Piggy back rides are always fun.

Go for a walk! We all need some damn fresh air. Tell each other the story of how you met. Take your wedding rings along and do a little exchange when no one's looking. Come up with your plan of what you'll do if you win the lottery (very important pre-marriage discussion).

Go home and celebrate with pizza and beer and donuts, I mean you did exercise, you earned it! Take a long shower together and get in bed. Have a little cry about it all, it's pretty sad.